Sustainability in Building


Grenville Architectural Construction has set two fundamental goals; to reduce the environmental impact of its projects and become a market leader of sustainable building practices.

Grenville is soon to be one of Melbourne’s first accredited Carbon Neutral construction organisations, which we believe is a minimum benchmark for any company which is looking to become an environmentally focused industry leader.

Our approach to sustainability encompasses all aspects of the building process and we have developed a suite of value-add options for environmentally dedicated clients, who we strive to work with to champion the next generation of green buildings.

Grenville is working with Monash University (MADA) on a number of research areas, including the embodied carbon modelling and auditing of a live build project. This information will then feed back into Grenville’s C02e modelling engine in addition to providing an end-of-project carbon auditing data-set.

Our approach to sustainable building extends far beyond simply using double glazing, proper insulation and passive design strategies. It embraces a life cycle approach and looks for efficiencies at every stage of the construction and operation of the building.

We have three key points of difference specifically relating to the environmental impact of the build process and the ongoing performance of the building:


Pre-Build Optimisation Strategies

Grenville has developed an embodied carbon dioxide (C02e) modelling engine coupled to our tendering system, to enable real-time dialogue between material decisions, project cost and environmental consequences.

This allows us to offer meaningful input into efficient construction methodologies and structural systems as part of an Early Contractor Engagement collaborative process between Architect and Builder


Sustainable Construction Implementation

Grenville has undertaken significant research into many innovative sustainable technologies and can propose and implement job-specific solutions. Green technology is often seen as still emerging and often struggles to gain traction within a conservative industry. However we see it as our mission to champion new ideas, approaches and technology to help prove its place in the industry.


Project Audit & Review

We offer a unique end-of-project ‘Embodied Carbon Account’, which is a calculation of required carbon offsets to make a build project ‘carbon neutral’ This is a service which utilises specific processes and auditing systems developed by Grenville to offer clients a chance to verifiably build ‘green’.