About Grenville Architectural Construction

Malvern House_312.jpg

Grenville Architectural Construction is a boutique construction company dedicated to building high class Architectural residences and leading the industry in sustainable building practices.

Founded by Tom Petty in 2009, who graduated with a Masters of Architecture and turned to construction, this company represents a dovetailing of aesthetic understanding with technical perfectionism.

We nominate to build one project at a time, maintaining absolute control of every aspect of the process without compromising quality or over-stretching resources. We specialise in the unusual, building our own custom joinery and doors and windows in-house to ensure seamless integration with all building elements.


Fine craftsmanship underpins the construction approach within Grenville Architectural Construction. In addition to Architecture, Tom was trained by a boat-builder and a furniture maker and brings these skills to the process of constructing beautiful Architectural spaces.

Grenville Architectural Construction offers building services only for projects designed by registered Architects and does not undertake any design or Architectural design services in-house.