Building with Grenville Architectural Construction

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Grenville Architectural Construction is tailored to constructing bespoke, high end Architectural homes and we have extensive experience in delivering class work to discerning clients and Architects.

We underpin meticulous attention to detail onsite with equally rigorous administration of the ABIC contract to ensure that the entire process is smooth for all parties from commencement to handover.

While we tender on work conventionally, much of our work comes through the process of Early Contractor Engagement. In this model, we are involved at late stages of design development/early documentation phase to offer construction expertise and ‘buildability input’. We find that this process of early collaboration allows for significantly improved cost efficiencies and a higher resolution of construction detailing, ultimately leading to positive project outcomes.

This process is particularly suited to complex and custom projects, where site experience input at early stages can avoid designing ‘out of budget’. Importantly, the project can be refined and preliminarily costed before it has been fully documented, avoiding costs associated with late stage design modification to contain budget.

We also have developed an Embodied Carbon modelling engine, which allows an Early Contractor Engagement phase to optimise the environmental impact and performance of a project. Working within the project design, we are able to identify the environmental and financial consequences of specific structural and material decisions, which help inform the process of sustainable building.